Travel planning service

One of the key points for a successful and unforgettable trip stands in its planning.
Whether it is a short or a long one.
Many aspects should be considered, such as: budget, transport, distances, where to stay and eat, what to visit, how to move, visa, etc.

If you are too busy, or lazy or you don’t know where to start from, I could be your best companion in planning your next adventure. Cause planning itself is part of your trip.
Europe is my area of expertise but I can provide you with full assistance wherever you’d like to go to.
According to your requests and preferences I will build tailored and detailed plans for trips you won’t never forget.
I can help you with full plan or just some aspects of it, such as: hotels, restaurants, flights, etc.

Pricing depends on many factors, such as: the number of people, the length of your journey, how many aspects of your vacation you need me to help you with, etc.

For any enquiries and a free quote, feel free to contact me at
Spoken languages: Italian, English and French.