This is Lady Globetrotter and I’d like to warmly welcome you on my website.

Have you ever felt bored by your daily life? Have you ever felt useless? Have you ever felt you were wasting your time doing things you didn’t like?
Well, if not, lucky you! Cause, I have… so many times!
BUT, on 1st February 2018 I stopped by the mirror and I asked myself:
“Well well well Sara, what do you have right now? What did you achieve in the past 10 years?”
A Bachelor Degree in European Languages and Cultures at the Modena University (Italy), a work experience in my favourite city: London, a study experience in Paris, a current position as consultant in one of the major multinational companies and… what else? Oh yes! What I love most… I TRAVELLED A LOT.
So, since I consider myself as a meticulous planner, I sat down on the floor with a blank paper and a pen, starting to brainstorm.

This is how the website came into the world; a way to share my trips and my knowledge of travelling.
Please, feel free to leave any comments and feelings.
You can also contact me directly at sara.ladyglobetrotter@gmail.com

Have a nice journey and thanks for visiting.

Lady Globetrotter