Never-ending summer : LANZAROTE

Forget about Maldives, Hawaii, and other paradisiac places. if you’d really like to move to  a never-ending summer place, Canary Islands are what you are looking for! A couple of months ago I went to Lanzarote for the very fist time, spending one week of exploring and falling in love.

When it comes to beaches, it’s hard to choose the best one, but here you are my fav 3:

  1. Papagayo beaches: gold sand, crystal clear water, cliffs, wilderness on the southern coast. From here you can also glimpse the Fuerteventura white dunes.
  2. Famara beach: best place for surfers. Windy, wide and waving.
  3. Graciosa Island: up north Lanzarote you will find one the most free and uncontaminated places on earth. A little island where nature dominates over human presence.


But, hey! Lanzarote isn’t just this… There are many places far from the coast you can visit and be mesmerised by. Volcanoes, gardens, towns, caves… So, here you are some fantastic spots you can’t miss:

  1. Timanfaya national park: driving through volcanoes and exploring them is such an unforgettable experience. Exciting, yet a little bit scary. But the geological history of the island is really interesting.
  2. Hervideros caves: sunset time is the perfect moment of the day to let the breeze mess your hair and feeble sunbeams kiss your face… while the ocean is roaring under your feet.
  3. Jardin De Cactus: this cactus garden has been the last project of César Manrique. Examples of many cactus species are harmoniously displayed in a quarry, overlooked by a windmill.
  4. Mirador Del Rio: best sunset-with-a-view of the entire island.


Last, but not least, local food and wine will drive you mad! Papas arrugadas is just one of the most tasty and typical dishes you can have in Lanzarote. Where? Definitely here:

  1. El Navarro: considered (and yes, I can confirm) the best restaurant of the island.
  2. Cantina Teguise: best tapas I’ve ever had!
  3. El Chupadero: volcanic wine and savoury meat


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