As you might have seen on my IG page, there’s a place I call home, where I have been countless times and couldn’t get enough. EVER!

London has been my home for a while and my first visit goes back to 2007. It has changed a lot since then and that’s one of the thing I like the most. You can never get used to it.


Last weekend I spent three amazing days wandering through the city, visiting some of my fav places and discovering new ones.

During summer, you can enjoy sunset and/or Wimbledon matches on several rooftops, so, if you are planning to travel to London in the next two months, you can’t miss two of my top-5-list: Frank’s Cafe for the sunset and Madison for Wimbledon. However, matches can be also watched along the Thames at the Summer by the River Festival.


On this special stay, I had finally the chance to visit two new places (at least, for me): Pop Brixton and Neal’s Yard. The first one is a kind of community land, where many containers have been piled up with shops and restaurants inside. Sooooooo underground! The second one is, instead, such an iconic venue, just a few minutes walking distance from Covent Garden. A colourful and iconic little square.


Last, but not least, my boyfriend and I took part to the Saturday Pride parade in Regent street, which also inspired the title of this article: LOVDON. Cause London is itself synonym of Love. Love for life, Love for freedom, Love for respect, Love for Love.

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