Lost in surprise – Di Bilancino Lake

One of the things I like the most about travelling is that sometimes you need to get lost, take the wrong direction, make a U-turn. Doing this, you have the chance to find yourself somewhere new, somewhere wild, somewhere unknown.

And that’s what happened to me last weekend. My best friend and I were driving towards Florence when we suddenly decided to stop in Barberino. Most of you would probably know it as one of the best outlet fashion district in Italy. However, there’s much more it can offer.

I don’t know how, but we ended up just in front of a lake! We checked Google Maps and there where we were! Di Bilancino lake. First of all we had a long walk along the shore, deep into the nature. Then, we stopped at the Bahia beach, agreeing both to stay all day long.


There are a lot of activities you can enjoy here, such as paddling, windsurf, beach volley, … or you can just lay down, relax and have a glass of Chianti. During the weekend this place is quite crowded by local people but there’s plenty of space where you can isolate yourself or take part to one of the Dj set parties.





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