Feria de Màlaga y Costa del Sol

Spain is definitely one of the most joyful and vibrant countries in the entire world and today I’m going to provide you with a short stay itinerary which perfectly depicts how you can enjoy history, beach life, food and outdoor events.

When: mid-August

How long: 4 days

Where: Malaga and Marbella

Before booking your stay, make sure to check when the Feria de Màlaga takes place (it typically lasts 1 week – mid-August). I’d suggest staying 2 nights in Malaga and 1 in Marbella.


During the Feria de Màlaga, the town is livened up by dance performances (you’ll definitely fall in love with Flamenco), concerts, parades, street shows, etc. However, for those more interested in history and culture, there are several landmarks which can’t be missed.

Here you are 2 of my fav:

  • The Alcazaba (the view from its highest point will leave you speechless)
  • Picasso’s Museum


In order to recover from Malaga’s movida, rent a car or move by coach towards Marbella and book your stay in the old town, which is extremely nice and quieter. The seaside area is touristic and packed, but the Playa Casablanca can be considered one of the less crowded.

Enjoy your last night wandering trough the cobblestoned and narrow streets of the old town. At dinner, you should definitely try the Caperuza Bistro which, believe me, will be hard to forget.

Marbella 1

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