Eisriesenwelt ice cave

Eisriesenwelt is the largest world ice cave, located just a few km away from Werfen town (Austria). From the ticket office and car park, you can choose to reach the ice cave through the rocky mountain walking path or by a new lift. But, even if you go for the second option, the last stretch requires some walking.

Do not rush, instead, enjoy the stunning panorama while walking towards the cave mouth.


This place is a real frozen kingdom and it is open to public from May to October. The best period to visit is certainly Summer, but be aware of the sharpen climate change. As a matter of fact, while outside the temperature can reach even 30°C, inside it is 0° or less. This means that, once you reach the top of the mountain and the cave mouth, it is highly recommended to seat and rest for 20/30 minutes. Moreover, do not forget to wear warm coat and socks.

A guided tour starts every 30 minutes and it lasts approximately 75 minutes. Before entering the cave, you will be provided with a lamp, which is all the light you’ll have access to. Photos and any kind of lightning are strictly forbidden (that’s why I have selected some pictures from the Eisriesenwelt website).

This is not just a cave made of ice and ice sculptures (which transform through the years thanks to the wind). It is a deep experience into nature and magic. But there’s no time for more spoilers… plan your trip to Eisriesenwelt and see yourself why this place is worth a visit at least once in your life.

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