Eating in Emilia Romagna: I just can’t get enough!

Easter holidays reminded me about how much I love eating and today I’m going to share with you some good places nearby my hometown (Modena).



And here we go!

  • Are you looking for multicultural food?

Feel the Buenos Aires vibes at the Kiosquito 46 in Riccione (Italian northern-east coast), where the Argentinian cuisine melts with the Italian one. Try the local Piadina and Lasagne or the Argentinian meat and empanadas.

  • Are you looking for a romantic dinner?

Feel the magic at Il Calcagnino restaurant, located inside the Formigine castle, just a few km away from Modena town. The menu is dictated by seasons and fresh ingredients, skilfully combined by the hands, heart and mind of the chef.

  • Are you looking for an upgrade of the Italian cuisine?

Feel the innovation at the Apelle restaurant in Ferrara. Its young and talented crew has been able to revisit some traditional Italian dishes along with their own creations. You must certainly try the CARBONERA and one of their original cocktails.

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