Inside out Italy – Day trip

If you live in or plan to visit Emilia Romagna region, you might know how easy it is to expatriate in a matter of hours. A micro-country into the country: the Republic of San Marino, located in the northeastern side of Apennine Mountains.


Drive up to the summit and have a walk in the old town. It is quite touristic, but it has magnificent and breathtaking glimpses. Not to mention narrow and cobblestoned streets, ancient and historic buildings, good local restaurants, …

BUT! The best thing you could witnessed up here is sunset and when the sky is cloudless and clear, you can even catch sight of the sea.


Not far from here and driving back to Italy, you can consider to do a stop-over in San Leo village, just 30 km away from San Marino.


The Fortress of San Leo, which is the main landmark of the village, can be easily reached by bus or through a walking path. The ticket office is located just at the entrance of the fortress and it’s worth a visit. It has many interesting rooms, such as the torture room, and courtyards. Not to mention the astonishing panorama.


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