A pearl of the Danube – Austria

Krems an der Donau is a picturesque little Austrian village along the Danube River. Although considered as a whole, it is actually a “conglomerate” of 3 villages: Krems, Stein and Und.

When the sun shines and the sky is blue, all the colourful buildings light up the village. Not to mention its narrow streets, cobblestones and fascinating glimpses… You will feel part of a fairy tale!


Schureplatz and Rathausplatz areas are really worth a visit. But the best thing you could do is disorienting yourself while walking up and down the old town.


At sunset, do not miss the chance to reach the Danube and have a walk along the river. While, at dinner, walk back to the city centre and be inspired by the delicious menus displayed outside the restaurants doors.

Personally, I really appreciated the Zum Kaiser Von Osterreich restaurant where you can taste the real seasonal and fresh products of this rural region. And, nonetheless, the waitress speaks English! Which is not so common in Austria, especially in little villages and towns.



  • Restaurant: Zum Kaiser Von Osterreich

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