A taste of Liguria

Liguria is a north-west region of Italy, almost known for its beautiful landscapes, excellent food and… Cristoforo Colombo! There’s so much you can do here. Hiking, sunbathing, diving, visiting towns and villages, fishing, … and eating of course! Genoese pesto and focaccia are a MUST-HAVE if you decide to visit Liguria.

BUT, before introducing you to some of my favourite places around Lerici, you have to bear in mind these crucial points:

  1. If you decide to move by car, you’ll most likely run out of patience. Unless you wake up at sunrise, you won’t be able to park your car… ANYWHERE.
  2. Often, best beaches are not easily accessible. Steps, cliff paths, downhill and uphill slopes.
  3. Liguria doesn’t come cheap.


And now, my MUST-VISIT list for a weekend in Lerici:

  • Fiascherino beaches are located between Lerici and Tellaro and if you like little bays, nature and cliffs, this is the paradise you were looking for. It is possible to perch and sunbathe on rocks or stay at one of the few beach resorts (booking in advance is highly recommended). The most luxurious and astonishing one is the Eco del Mare.
  • San Terenzio and Lerici beaches, on the contrary, are more suitable for those who prefer the all-comforts beach type. The Colombo beach resort, just to mention one, comes with all amenities.
  • At the end of the day, drive towards the iconic Portovenere and enjoy the sunset while drinking and eating local food at one of the many restaurants along the dock. Elettra is one of my favourites.



  • Beach resort: Eco del Mar
  • Restaurant: Elettra (in Portovenere)



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