Wild Croatia – Lovrečica

Forget about luxury hotels, night life, exclusive parties and wi-fi connections. Lovrečica is a little and quiet village in north-west Croatia where inhabitants live in close contact with nature.

Book your stay at one of the apartments along the coast and ask for a bedroom with the beach view. You’ll be woken up by sunbeams and fallen asleep under a sky full of stars.

Early in the morning, go for a walk and keep silent… you’ll hear the sound of nature and boats of fishermen which slowly approach the dock.



If you’d like to sunbathe and go for a swim, the best place is located at the opposite coast, where you are surrounded by trees and rocks (yes, I know, it hurts a little, but there is no sand here). And since there are no beach resorts in the area, do not forget to bring your beach towels and cooler bag.

At the end of the day, enjoy one of the most spectacular sunset you’ve ever admired.




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4 thoughts on “Wild Croatia – Lovrečica

      1. Rastoke, very nice little village that is ignored by most because of Plitvice Lakes.

        Krupa Canyon (Kanjon Krupe)…

        Rijeka Krka

        City of Varaždin (not really hidden but not the first thing that comes to mind in Croatia)

        There are more things, just can’t remember now 😀

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