Sanctuary with a view – BOLOGNA

Driving on the A1 highway towards Bologna, you can spot the iconic Sanctuary of Saint Luke. It stands on a hill, overlooking the town and the surrounding Apennine (the Italian mountains range which extends from northwest to south).

Whether you are religious or not, this landmark is worth a visit. You can reach it by car or walking under an old and long arcade which has its starting point at the soccer stadium area. Be aware, the walking path comes with many steps (489) but suggestive glimpses and it is about 4 km long.

The view is breathtaking, especially at sunset, and the best period for visiting is, without a doubt, spring. At this time of the year, you will meet tourists from all over the world but also many students. As a matter of fact, it’s usual amongst the University superstitious to walk to the Sanctuary as a symbol of good luck for the forthcoming exams.



Coming down the hill, don’t leave Bologna! Stay for another couple of hours and have dinner in the real heart of the town. To those who’d like to try some real local and traditional food I suggest the Trattoria del Ghiottone. One of my favourite restaurants in Bologna. On the contrary, if you’d like to try a tasty and innovative Pizza, you must have one at the Berberè. Booking a table in advance is highly recommended for both.


  • Sanctuary: Sanctuary of Saint Luke
  • Restaurant: Trattoria del Ghiottone
  • Pizzeria: Berberè



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