Dublin calls for a toast!

March is the green month and green means St. Patrick’s Day! At least, in Ireland.

Despite the cold weather, you should visit Dublin during this period of the year. Dubliners are so welcoming, chatty and good guides too (especially taxi drivers; they know everything about the city and its history).IMG_9120In this very first article about Dublin, I’d like to share with you 3 of my favourite spots:


  • The Temple Bar: it’s the iconic red pub. You MUST have a pint here letting locals offer you some. You have just to do the same, but be aware… Irish people drink a lot!
  • Fallon and Byrne: this is absolutely my favourite restaurant and here you can have the best aged Irish fillet of beef of your life. It doesn’t come cheap but believe me, it is worth the price! This place has also a market downstairs, where you can buy fine artisan food of every kind.
  • Wall and Keogh: this tearoom is located in a quite dodgy area, or at least this is the feeling I had, but it offers a variety of teas and infusions from all over the world. You can choose yours by smelling the leads of the jars containing the different herbal infusions. You will also be surprised by the cups and mugs your hot drink will be served in; some look like Chinese mugs, others look like horns… by no means, UNIQUE. And do not forget the scones… delicious!


So, bear in mind:

STEP 1 Have dinner in the heart of the city.

STEP 2 call for a toast (or even more than one) in a typical Irish pub.

STEP 3 wake up and treat yourself with a hot cup of tea.




  • Restaurant: Fallon and Byrne
  • Pub: The Temple Bar
  • Tearoom: Wall and Keogh

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