Italy in technicolor – DOZZA

Have you ever dreamed of living in a village whose walls and streets are covered in graffiti? If so, you should visit the mediveal Italian village of Dozza.

Many artists, through the years, payed their tribute to the village making it so unique and colourful. It doesn’t matter if you visit Dozza on a rainy or sunny day, each painting lights up its narrow streets and corners.



Grab your camera and look for every single painting, cause there are so many! Flowers, dragons, butterflies, elves, landscapes… You’ll be definitely impressed by them. Dozza is such an iconic place and yet known by only a few.

After your wandering up and down the village, you might be hungry. Among the excellent restaurants, I’d suggest you to reserve a table at La Scuderia , an old stable used by knights in ancient times. The menu offer delicious local and traditional dishes which can vary according to the season.


Before leaving this magical village, take a tour of the Fortress, which is located just in front of the restaurant.



  • Restaurant: La scuderia
  • Museum/Castle: The Fortress of Dozza



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