The hidden Crown Jewels

Among the many well known jewels of England, I have recently discovered two hidden and precious gems: Bibury and Selworthy.

Bibury is a picturesque village in Gloucestershire county which you’ll be totally mesmerised by. The typical cottages and the countryside surrounding seem the perfect setting of a fairy tail. If the sun shines you may have a walk through the village and fields; breathing fresh air, quietness and magic.


Selworthy is, instead, a village of Somerset county, located in the Exmoor National Park area. It is known by a few people and talking to inhabitants it is pretty clear why they don’t intend to commercialise the place too much. As a matter of fact, what keeps this place unique is its secrecy. Lucky are those who bump into it by chance or driven by an acquaintance. You will definitely fall in love with the yellow cottages and their typical thatched roofs. You can also enter one and have a cup tea and a delicious piece of cake at the Periwinkle Cottage Tea Room.


The best way to reach both destinations is by car, your own or a rent one. And do not forget to look out the window along the way… the landscape is just “WOW”.



  • Tea room: Periwinkle Cottage Tea Room in Selworthy

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